Church simplified.

"Church simplified" is the vision of Everyday church.

We're not complicated: We're all about Jesus. Period. 

We believe Jesus is building a church in Frankenmuth of people and for people who desire to:

1. Be a community where people encounter Christ.

2. Be a community where people grow in Christ.

3. Be a community were people serve Christ.

Think with me: Don't go to church? Why not? What's your reason? What's makes Jesus, Christianity, and church complicated to you? 

Whatever your reasons are I dare you to set them aside and connect with Everyday Church this week. Let Jesus build you up this week. Let Jesus use you to build up others this week.

Its time to question your assumptions . . . we can't wait to meet you!

Pastor Lonnie Moline & Everyday Church

Everyday Church Frankenmuth

Our Building:
8959 Van Cleve Rd. Vassar, MI 48678
Phone: [989] 871-3219
Gathering Times:
Worship: Sunday 10:30 AM
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 7:00 PM

Following Jesus everyday.

Everyday ChurchFrankenmuth